Every day when Aaron formulates his thoughts and feelings and we understand him, we shower you with blessings. Thank you for not just doing a “job” but rather seeing Aaron as a “person created in the image of G-d," who could not unleash what he had inside. Your continuous efforts and amazing skills have brought him to where he is.


Your devotion, expertise and most of all your TLC and exuberance truly led to great successes and made John who he is today!


Thank you for helping me talk because I love you

K.M. - 4 year old

Anthony has progressed so much due to your effort, encouragement, enthusiasm and motivation. It’s hard to express all our appreciation in so few words; we are speechless.


David thrives under your TLC and skills development program! Your enthusiasm and energy level continue to amaze me! Thank you for opening up our David with a whole world of speech and language.


Thanks to your professional expertise and incredible enthusiasm and creativity, Sara has truly blossomed. You have helped her establish a solid foundation that is key to her future.


We can’t thank you enough for your outstanding dedication, patience, and kind and loving attitude that nurtured Rebecca's growth and progress in her speech development.


We are so grateful for every milestone you’ve helped Michael reach these last few months. Thank you for all your advice and ideas which really make our life easier. Thanks for giving him your all and truly loving him.


Thank you so much for all your time, patience, dedication and professionalism with Alex!